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Becca is an ever smiling happy champion of get it done. Short handed? No problem, she’ll ask for more. Difficult customers, she’ll ask for them. Dishes need washing, floor needs sweeping, windows cleaned? She’ll beat you to it. Every shift starts with a recap of her 4 year old daughter’s adventures of the morning or previous day. Every departure finishes with the surprise fun she has in store for the next adventure or holiday with her little one.

Every customer swears they’ve known her forever. And we feel the same. Becca is a constant force and driver of improvement with all of us here at the Cigar Cellar.

Unfortunately, this weekend, on her way to work, she met with a terrible circumstance of a head on collision with a drunk driver. Her car was mangled beyond recognition. She met with many screws and plates the following morning to repair her broken ......

The good news is that she is now resting at home, beginning a long road of rehab. We will miss her for a few months while she builds back her strength and mobility and returns to work.

This is where you come in. Her circumstances are such that the medical bills and lost wages will have a serious impact on her family’s quality-of-life. We are intent on erasing as much of a burden as humanly possible. That will start with a major fundraiser at Our monthly car show brunch on Sunday, March 7 where we intend to raise several thousand dollars in that endeavor.

Please stay tuned for more opportunities to defray for her massive expenses. Feel free to check here at for updates and further opportunities to participate in easing her pain and use the link above to donate if you feel inclined.

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